Hospice is a model and philosophy for care.

hospice-caring-frontHospice is not a place. It is designed and administered to provide end-of-life treatment to patients and their families. ProCare Hospice is committed to improving the quality of life for individuals experiencing a life-limiting illness.

ProCare Hospice provides services meeting the needs of patients and their families during this critical time, when every moment is special.

Our services include, but are not limited to:

  • Pain control and symptom management.
  • Support and the assurance that patients and family members are not alone. Fear, loneliness, anxiety, worry and feelings of helplessness may send a family into despair; Hospice can prevent or relieve some of that despair.
  • When curative care is no longer appropriate, our Hospice program enables a terminally ill person to decide how and where the rest of his or her life should be lived. Hospice care or palliative care focuses on comfort and quality of life.
  • Being in control keeps spirits up so that a person can make the most of each day and concentrate on living. Persons with a life limiting illness receive benefits from ProCare Hospice that are not available in a traditional health care setting of curative care.